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Brazilian Waxing

At The Pretty Kitty, we do things differently than most waxing establishments.

Our unique approach to this delicate service is what has made us so successful.

Many people are surprised & sometimes skeptical to learn that we use soft wax instead of hard wax, which is a more common and easier to use wax for the Brazilian. We use a high quality soft Italian cream wax designed for sensitive skin. Using a soft wax for a full Brazilian requires skill if it is to be done well. Many estheticians have never been properly trained in the right technique using soft wax and therefore reject its use for the full Brazilian. With the proper prepping of the skin and my proprietary technique, not only is pain minimized, but it is also more efficient and gentle than using hard wax.

All of Pretty Kitty’s estheticians are extensively trained and must pass my company’s standard of performance in order to become part of The Pretty Kitty team.

Our Brazilians are done in just 10-15 minutes. We never reuse our wax sticks and we believe that client education is of the utmost importance in order to achieve the best and longest lasting results.
Because of our high standards, attention to detail, and excellent customer service, we have been able to rapidly expand to multiple territories. We invite you to “Experience the Difference”.

Tricia Hetherington

Expert Waxing in a Boutique Setting


As quick and comfortable as it can get. We specialize in the Brazilian!


We will help you find that perfect shape for your face and style and make sure your lips are purrfect....


Shaving is so....last century. Keep your legs feeling and looking fresh for that special event, or anytime!


From the neck down to your waist, front and/or back, we'll have you!


Yep - we work on the gents too!

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