Why exfoliation is so important to achieve the best waxing results!

Achieving smooth and long lasting results from waxing takes a bit of time and dedication on your part especially if you have been shaving. Exfoliation plays a strong role in getting you there and here’s why.

Once the hair is removed from the follicle after getting waxed, the follicle remains open. If a regular exfoliation regime is not followed, follicles can get clogged up with dead skin and bacteria making it hard for the new softer hair to grow through. This can result in painful and unsightly ingrown hair and bumpy skin.

We recommend using our BellaKisse body brush to first slough off the dead skin. This will make it easier for the chemical exfoliant to do it’s work inside of the follicle. We love PFB Vanish. It is an awesome product that really works. We carry PFB Vanish and PFB Chromabright to help lighten up darker pigmented areas. We recommend exfoliating every day. This helps your hair grow out more evenly giving a smoother/ cleaner look and of course helps to prevent ingrowns from forming.

With a regular waxing schedule (we recommend every 4-6 weeks) and proper exfoliation, you will achieve upwards to 3 to 4 weeks with no hair, softer regrowth, and less hair growing back. If you have been shaving, grow out your hair for 4 weeks before your appointment. As you continue waxing, your results will get better. Remember it is a process and it takes a little discipline, however the results are what keep us all coming back!

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This Brazilian wax is for sensitive clients or for those that just want a little extra care. We apply a cooling compress of Witch Hazel with each section that hair is removed. We then layer up your freshly waxed skin with an additional calming treatment that will help to further reduce inflammation.