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Avoid Waxing For The First Time Before Big Events

Don’t wax for the first time right before a big event!
Many people are not aware that there is a process to getting the best waxing results. Especially if you have been shaving. It takes a bit of time and discipline to get those smooth, clean, and long-lasting results that we love from waxing.
Skin can also be unpredictable. Getting waxed right before a big event for your first time can sometimes bring unwanted problems. If you have been shaving, you need to have 2-3 waxes that are spaced out between 4-6 weeks.
Yes, I said 4-6 weeks and I prefer 6 weeks over 4, however some clients just don’t want to wait that long.
Many places will tell you 2-3 weeks, however, you won’t have time to grow everything out and you will just be chasing the hair as it grows in. Waiting longer will allow time to grow more hair in and you will get better and longer-lasting results.
You should not be shaving or tweezing between your appointments. You should only be exfoliating and letting your hair grow in leading up to your next wax. Sometimes the skin may break out a bit the first couple of times or become inflamed.
Skin does acclimate to waxing and your irritations that you experienced in the beginning if you did have any, will usually become a thing of the past.
It is good to know how your skin reacts.  Exfoliating between your waxing appointments is essential in preventing ingrown hair and helping your hair grow more evenly as it won’t be getting stuck in a clogged follicle.
By starting your waxing schedule at least 4 months before a big event such as a wedding or vacation, you will be able to enjoy smooth and hairless skin with no surprises.
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